A brief overview of Damghan

(City of One Hundred Gates)

Damghan, as one of the oldest cities in Iran, has been known as the city of One Hundred Gates; “Sad Darvaze” in the past.

Damghan is located on a plain south of the Alborz range, 342 km east of Tehran, on the main highway from Tehran to Mashad. Due to the easy access to the sea in the north and the desert in the south, this position has made it important geographically. In addition, there are various recreational and historical centers in the city, “Cheshme Ali“, “Tappe Hesar“, “Tarikhaneh Mosque“, etc which has lend herself to a center of tourism and recreation.

Tappe Hesar is about 7,000 years old, and archaeological excavations performed in the town indicate that the earthquake destroyed the site and inhabitants. There has been indication that steel was produced in this region some7000 years ago.

The city’s tourism and other recreational sites include the Great Mosque “Masjed Jaame“, Tower of Forty Girls “borj chehel dokhtar“; Dome jingles “Gounbad Zangoole“, the Holy Tomb of Mohammad Jafar Emamzadgan, Alamdar Tower and Wildlife and water Museum.

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“Cheshme Ali


Tappe Hesar


Tarikhaneh Mosque