Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Damghan University is among the public universities of the nation and strives constantly to sustain and enhance its quality in teaching, research, discovery and public service.



To train efficient individuals to meet the social and labor market needs in specialized fields of study

Research and Discovery:

To create relaxing atmosphere and prone to the development of scientific and cultural interactions


To become the best among the universities in the country in a short period of time,

To foster various scientific talents in the fields of expertise and train individuals to be creative and responsible citizens in the country,

To expand different fields of study in the undergraduate, graduate and PhD courses,

To provide a suitable environment for all lovers of science, students, professors, educators and elites,

To stabilize our academic position of the university at the international level through the communication with the world of science,

To make great efforts to manifest this invaluable message from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):

"Education is a long-life process"