A brief history

The University was founded by dedicated citizens of Damghan, from all walks of life, under the leadership of Late Professor Mohammad Masud Mansouri, a well oriented with western educational system in 1988 and named Rasool Akram in honor of Prophet Mohammad PBUH. Due to the perseverance and serious efforts of the men and women of Damghan, Faculty of Basic Sciences opened its door to 35 students majoring in Geology in September 1992. Hence educational operation began and people finally felt that they achieved their heart desire. Later on Mr. Ali Naderi, an engineer directed the Faculty until 1996 when the third president, Dr. Abdolrahim Navehebrahim took the helm and steered the faculty to a higher plateau of University of Basic Sciences. For eleven years he endeavored so selflessly to build strong bond between University of Basic Sciences and people of Damghan that contributing to development of student body by creating state of art Chemistry, Physics and language laboratories. After few years, the fields of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering, and Art in B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD courses launched.

Since 1988, Damghan University, a university affiliated to the Iran's Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, is one of the prestigious educational and research institutions.

With more than 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students, 140 faculty and 200 staff, DU is among the most dynamic institutions in the country.


Late Professor Mohammad Masud Mansouri,

Founder of the University